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Our Team Brings Next Level Benefits

We work closely with all of the largest  carriers to provide top plans.  

We only work with the country's largest Agencies and TPA's for 

top services.

Unique Services

- Real Time Enrollment & Terminations

- One Invoice For All Lines of Benefits

- Benchmarking Data

- Easy Bill Reconciliation

- Customized Employee Handbooks

- Manage All Benefits At One Source

- Compliance Testing

- Banking App and Debit Card

- Information Technology Services

- Strategic Planning / Board Development

Marcozzi Benefit Plans, Inc.               

Since 1993,  Marcozzi Benefit Plans Inc. has been designing and implementing customized plans for corporate clients.  We offer a balanced, professional and flexible approach to employee benefits and administration.  The goal is to make it easy for employers to offer a wide range of benefits to fit their unique needs and budget.  And with our wide range of solutions and experience, Owners and HR Professionals appreciate letting us handle their benefits administration.

As you look through this website, review "What Sets Us Apart" to find our firm's unique services.  We simply provide benefits and services that other brokers cannot.  This is our robust team approach.

Take control of your company’s benefits and risk programs with real time analytics to evaluate risk, improve employee health and control costs.

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