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A growing number of employers are making the switch to self-funding their group's medical and pharmacy claims as a way to reduce costs and improve service. 


With our years of experience, we can help you determine if self-insuring is right for your company.  Or perhaps your company is currently self-insured but not satisfied with services provided.  We have a very long track record and deal only with high-end TPA's, PBM's who provide exemplary services and technology.


Advantages of Self Insuring include:

  • Improve Company Cash Flow

  • Eliminate State Mandated Benefits

  • We Handle All Stop Loss & Network Vetting

  • Gain Control of Your Group Health Plan

  • Customize Co-pays, Deductibles, OOP Maximums

  • Access to Pharmacy Concierge Services

  • Customize Pharmacy Benefits (i.e. Orphan & Specialty Drugs)

  • Ongoing, Direct Contact with Pharmacy Benefit Managers

  • Ongoing, Direct Contact with Third Party Administrators

  • Complete Transparency

  • Detailed Monthly Claims Reporting

  • Professional Risk Management

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